Sunday, May 19, 2024

Why you don’t see progress in the Gym

You are going to Gym 3 times a week over and you don’t see the results you are looking for and wonder what you did wrong. Well, it could be due to the few things that you overlooked when training in the gym

According to Luka Hocevar, established personal trainer, shared 4 reasons why you don’t see progress in the gym.


Consistency is the most important part when you train in the gym. You must show up all the time of you will never get results. Even on your bad days, make it a point to show up to the gym and train to see results.

Ignoring nutrition

Nutrition is such a big part of change and not just body composition but also improving performance building muscle and fuel your workout. Watching your calorie intake is also important to make sure that you are on a deficit all the time.

Staying in your comfort zone

You have to challenge your body to make adaptations. So, if it always feel too easy and not pushing yourself plus not getting uncomfortable, you will not get results. Always to challenge yourself when you feel the workout is becoming easier. By pushing yourself you will see results you want.

Ignoring recovery

You must drive stress to create adaptation. But you also have to recover from stress. That includes quality sleep, emphasis on nutrition and managing your stress. Getting time in where your body can adapt to the changes from your training. Its important to have quality 7-8 hours sleep to let your body repair itself.

By being consistent, watching your nutrition, challenging yourself and put emphasis on recovery will help see the progress you want especially when you are training in the gym.

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