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5 Outdoor Activities to do in 1Utama

A lot of outdoor activities are usually situated in the outskirt of the hustle and bustle of the cities. But there are some outdoor experiences indoors, why not check out 1 Utama as they have few outdoor activities in their mall that might interest you.

Here are 5 outdoor activities that might interest you


If you are looking to go surfing, you don’t have to look far, as you can check out FlowRider in 1Utama. FlowRider is an Indoor surfing space that is ideal spot for you to learn your surfing skills. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, because the instructors at FlowRider will give everyone the opportunity to learn those currents-defying skills which are definitely get your adrenaline pumped!

WINLAB Indoor Skydiving

Wanna try out skydiving? Well there is one indoor skydiving venue in 1Utama called WINDLAB. This place welcomes those daredevils who wish to participate in extreme skydiving activity which is carried out indoors. WINLAB offers a skydiving exciting experience at an altitude of 14,000 feet. You will also be provided with complete safety equipment such as a suit, helmet and a pair of goggles. It is an experience not to be missed doing a stimulation of a free fall!

Roller Wa

For those who don’t know, Rollerwa from Korea, offers a fun experience to 1Utama Shopping Centre’s visitors. If you are into skating, Rollerwa is the right place for you. The court is also equipped with music and colourful lights which emit cheerful vibes to roller skaters. You can bring their own pair of rollerblades or just rent it out from the venue. If you are interested in roller-skating, this activity is something should not be missed as you can bring your family and friends to join together.

Morac Go Kart

If you are into GoKart, 1Utama has a venue that provides Go Kart experience called Morac Go Kart. It opened its door at 1Utama Shopping Centre last December. Bring your friends and enjoy the adrenaline rush and experience Go carting around the 420m circuit. This long circuit will give satisfaction to the riders and allows them to race at full speed


To all the hiking and mountain climber junkies, there is a place in 1Utama that caters to your outdoor cravings. This place called Camp5 at 1Utama is the largest indoor climbing gym in Asia and home of Malaysia’s tallest indoor wall. It’s a good opportunity for new and season climbers to try out this place as you will be helped by the certified instructors at Camp5. They will guide you until you are independent to climb on your own

For more details on interesting outdoor places to visit in Selangor, do check out SelangorTravel

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