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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Benefits of Hiking

Hiking has always been one of the most popular outdoor activities in Klang Valley. Hiking spots in Klang Valley will always be packed with hikers during the weekends. Whether you are a solo hiker or hiking with your family or friends, this something that everyone would look forward during the weekend. It’s also perfect way to make new friends and enjoy nature and its surroundings

If you have not yet started, here are few benefits of hiking that will encourage you start hiking immediately.

Hiking Burns more Calories

Hiking burns more calories than walking and running as you would spend more time hiking compared to the other two exercise. As you descend up the hill you will use more energy, hence burning more calories.

It’s a total Body workout

You will use all your body muscle to navigate through the hill. You push your heart and lungs to work stronger with every step you take. It also helps you burn more calories especially when you are on weight loss mission. Hiking also help strengthen your lower body. It helps strengthen your quads, hamstring, glutes and stabilise your lower back.

Mental Well Being

Hiking helps to enhance mental wellbeing. Hiking creates a positive psychological effect including feeling energetic, reduces stress and depression and creates calmness in the mind. You are surrounded by nature that you forget your worries and your stressful week.

Exposure to Nature

Being surrounded by nature while hiking brings a good feeling not only to the mind but also in life. You are also able to watch wildlife in their habitat plus flora and fauna. It’s a good opportunity to learn new plants and built a strong feeling towards the environment and the need to protect.

So what are you waiting for? Tag a friend and kick start your hiking adventures

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