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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Malaysia’s 1st Fitness Co-Working Space

Shoutout to all the coaches who are looking for a gym to train your clients, fret not as Flexmob has a solution for you. Flexmob are the first Fitness Co-Working Space in Asia and Malaysia. Started in November 2016, FlexMob Studios aim to provide the space and business tools to enable fitness professionals to succeed.

Flexmob aim to provide fitness coaches and organisers with a safe haven where they can conduct their training session in private and safe environment. Flexmob studios are equipped with all you need to train your clients.

We sat down with one of the partners, Lavinia and ask a few questions about Flexmob. Here are snippets of our interview.

1) How did we start?

It started when I was looking for a place to work when I came out to hustle on my own. As a physiotherapist, I believe there’s an important area where we can work hand-in-hand with fitness coaches to help the public to maintain a long-term fitness journey. When my partner and I found the place in 10 Boulevard, the idea of renting the gym space to freelance fitness coaches came to us when I could not fill up the hours myself. That’s when our business model emerged when we realised there’s a demand for a safe haven for fitness coaches. Since then, coaches who uses the space often have a common feedback, whereby, the space is private and safe for their clients and themselves, as well as the plus-point of not needing to fight for space and equipment when they bring their clients to train in commercial gyms. Since 2017, we now provide an option of 2 locations and have expanded our team by having Luke Lango as our new partner to add value and meaning to move the business forward.

2) What services you provide and how it helps coaches?

All we do now is provide the space, equipment and facilities to anyone who wants to rent the spaces for any suitable purpose that our spaces provide. As of now we have 2 locations in Petaling Jaya – 10 Boulevard, Kayu Ara and Parklane, Kelana Jaya. Fitness coaches and enthusiasts who uses the space in 10 Boulevard often use it for functional training, group classes, workshops and talks. Whereas in Parklane, personal and group trainings and workshops will be more suitable. We also encourage content creators for social medias to use our spaces for fitness-related contents.

Besides the choice of 2 different locations, as founders and entrepreneurs, we love sharing business ideas with everyone that we meet. Fitness coaches who uses our gym spaces are welcome to request for our time to get our insight on ideas on their fitbiz – confidentiality guaranteed.

3) Packages

We offer packages tiered by number of hours. Ranging from 4 hours booking to 20 hours booking. The more hours you commit to, the lower the price per hour will be. Fitness coaches and anyone who wants to rent any of our gym spaces can contact us for enquiries directly via:

– Instagram – @flexmob_fitcowork

– Facebook – Flexmob Fitcowork

– Whatsapp – 0122170391 (Lavinia) / 018255 6988 (Luke)

We can always arrange for viewing of the gym spaces before we advise on the packages as we would also love to take the opportunity to know the people that will be using our gym spaces.

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