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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

5 healthy meal delivery services to help you achieve your fitness goals

Check out these 5 healthy meal delivery services to help you achieve your fitness goals

If you are a busy person who has to juggle between work and family, it’s easy to forget to treat your body with healthy nutritious meals. It’s even worse when we don’t have time to cook or even know how to cook delicious and nutritious food.
At this kind of moment we look out for an easier option which is food delivery. And now with more healthy food delivery companies popping up in Klang Valley, it has become easier to have nutritious and healthy food at your fingertips. With their convenience and variety, these healthy meal delivery services will definitely take some of the stress off us from thinking what healthy food to have for lunch.

Here are 5 healthy meal delivery services in Klang Valley

1. Dahmakan. Dahmakan delivers food that tastes just like home-cooked to you. It’s available all day and everywhere in KL and Klang Valley. At dahmakan they source for fresh and high quality ingredients from local suppliers. There is no minimum order and free delivery. You can log into their website at

2. Epic Fit Meals Co. Here’s another place to get your fast food craving fixed. It’s your healthy fast food Delivery Company. Epic Meals Co offers a wide variety of nutrition-packed versions of all your favourite cheat-meals from burgers, to pizzas, to even burritos. All meals are cooked-to-order, made with fresh whole ingredients and with no added MSG. Visit their website at

3. Meraki Kitchen. Meraki Kitchen offers a multi-cuisine menu every week. Each meal is made with fresh, locally procured ingredients that are cooked with love and passion. Their food doesn’t contain any MSG and is prepared in a pork free and alcohol-free facility, so everyone can enjoy a bite. You can also order big for corporate events, group and catering. | Instagram: @meraki_kitchen

4. HALE Food Delivery. If fast food is the bad to your diet, HALE serves you healthy options of all your favourite calorie-loaded junks. Enjoy all your usual fixes here such as burgers, fries, and pasta which are made only using fresh ingredients, with no added MSG and preservatives and without compromising on the taste. Visit them at

5. dietmonsta. Dietmonsta is best to support your busy lifestyle, delivering pre-prepared healthy meals to your door. We want you to save time and money, help you achieve your fitness goals and keep you looking and feeling your best, without ever worrying about what to eat again. Dietmonsta meals are made from fresh & natural ingredients, low sodium & calories with well-balanced nutrition. You don’t have to be worried about same boring taste, as our chef is specialized in taste good healthy cooking. Contact them today at

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